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It’s been a while!

I know I’m not posting cool photoshopped pictures of your guys’ signs anymore..but I am completely open to answering any questions you guys might have about anything!

this shit has like..almost 1,000 notes..i’m so proud n__n

this shit has like..almost 1,000 notes..i’m so proud n__n

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6utt said: your blog is lame, dude

Oh no, I’m crying.


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undeniable-irrelevance said: omfg, I've been looking for these blogs everywhere and your's is the most legit by far. love yews!

Oh my! Thanks so much!! I’ve been neglective of it kinda but I promise I’m not giving up! n__n And I love you too!

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done228 said: Hi there, I'm a capricorn girl crushing on a scorpio boy, and I was wondering what are the tell tale signs that he might like me back. Thank you xx

First of all, Scorpios are MAJOR flirts. Scorpios, once attracted to someone, will NOT LOSE SIGHT of that person unless it becomes necessary to. Scorpios are intesnse, which can be both good and bad - for example, you’ll be able to tell if he likes you if he pays special attention to you when you talk. Their eyes have a certain magnet-like quality to them, and every Scorpio has this certain charm that makes anyone they talk to blush…or at least feel a small spark.

One thing is for sure - while Scorpios are flirtatious, they usually connect to only a few select people on a deeper level. When Scorpio flirts, you’ll know. There will be lots of small, innocent touching; a fleeting yet powerful glance in your direction; tons of smiles, along with longing stares; and finally tons of flirty talk, such as sex jokes/compliments/teasing.

Now, keep in mind that every Scorpio is different - obviously, a Scorpio teenage/young adult male will be drastically different in behavior from a middle-age Scorpio woman. But, they will always have a wild, driving charm hidden deep within their eyes, no matter how many times they are heartbroken.

Hope this helps!

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I’ll post new stuff soon, I’ve just been really busy. I love you guys though!

sweett-serenities said: heey there, my boyfriends a sagittarius and I'm a gemini and i was wondering how compatible these signs are ? :) love your blog btw !

Thank you so much for your question and support! Well, to my knowledge, Gemini and Sagittarius are polarities. They are different, but opposotes attract! Both of these signs are lovers of life always looking for excitement and adventure. Communication between Sagittarius and Gemini is lively and witty, each holding the other captivated with their wonderful wacky stories.

But, did you also know that everyone has two other signs that play a huge role in your peraonality? They’re your Moon and Rising sign. Your Sun sign (in your case, Gemini) describes your basic ego, your Moon sign describes your emotional inner self, and your Ascendant describes the facade you show the rest of the world.

From these three components, an astrologer can develop a thumbnail sketch of your personality — a recognizable line drawing as opposed to a full-color portrait, but still, clearly, a picture of you. The fact that we have three reference points instead of only one helps explain why not everyone born under the same Zodiac sign is “just alike.”

I have some links on the side of my page called ‘Moon Signs’ and ‘Rising Signs’ and each of those have a link to calculate each one. Keep in mind that to calculate your Moon sign accurately, you need to know the exact time of your birth. A good place to look is your birth certificate or as mom or dad! Hope this helps!

pistachiomanga said: Do Pisces, Scorpio and a Cancer make good roommates? Thank you! You have a wonderful blog and i love the backgrounds for each if the signs. :)

Thank you so much for you question and support! c: To answer your question about roommate compatibility: YES! Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces are all water signs and are all perfect matches no matter which way you pair them! There honestly couldn’t be a better zodiac group living under one roof, so I’m happy for you! Expect a friendly and harmonious vibe throughout your house because all these signs love eachother! Bear in mind that everyone has two other signs in their zodiac, Moon and Rising signs, which can shift this description a little. But for the most part this is a perfect teifecta! Hope this helps!

fatalfeeling-s said: Hi there. :) I just wanted to see if this pisces guy liked me. (I'm a cancer.) When we 1st met he would always bother me and find a way to start an argument or something. (Like taking my phone and making me chase him or commenting on everything I said) And last weekend I was with him and his sister (who's one of my best friends) at a party and everybody was saying goodbye and he pulled me into a hug even though I was leaving with them. Also, he always makes a point to say something to me. Help?

Thank you for your question! To my knowledge, Pisces are one of the flirtiest signs in the zodiac. However, I have also once read, “You may think Pisces is flirting with you even before they do.” I think what they mean by this is that the Pisces man is very friendly and some women may confuse it with him trying to make a pass at her. Don’t get discouraged though! Pisces and Cancer are perfect matches and from what I’ve seen it’s usually Pisces to make the first move. My final answer: he’s into you. Hope this helps!

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